Mashhad is the second most crowded city in Iran and also the capital of the Province, Razavi Khorasan. It is situated in the upper east part of Iran, near the borders of Turkmenistan as well as Afghanistan. It was a noteworthy desert garden along the old Silk Road associating with Merv in the East.

Population of Mashhad 2017

The city is most renowned and loved for the tomb of Imam Reza, the 8th Shia Imam. Consistently, a huge number of explorers visit the Imam Reza shrine. The Abbasid caliph Harun al-Rashid is likewise is buried here too.  It is one of the most scenic places in Iran and also it has an old world charm to it which attracts a large number of people from different countries.


Talking about population, in order to check out the population of Mashhad in 2017, we need to have a look at the population of the past 5 years. They are as per the following:

  1. 2012 – 2.76 Million
  2. 2013 – 2.80 Million
  3. 2014 – 2.86 Million
  4. 2015 – 2.90 Million
  5. 2016 – 2.95 Million

The population of Mashhad in 2017 is estimated to be 2.95 Million + 0.054 Million = 3.004 Million. So, the population of Mashhad in the year 2017 as per estimated data = 3.004 Million.

MASHHAD Population 2017 – 3.004 Million(Estimated)


Most of the citizens are ethnic Persians, who shape most of the city’s population. Other ethnic groups incorporate Kurdish and Turkmen individuals who have emigrated as of late to the city from North Khorasan. There is likewise a a number of non-Arabic speakers of Arabian descent who have acclimatized with the Persian culture and don’t speak their own dialect in spite of the fact that they have retained the Arabian culture, religious practices and food. The general population from Mashhad who look like East Asians are of Uyghur or Hazara Turkmen ancestry or a mix of all other ethnic groups as racial blending has been broadly honed in this locale since artifact. Gauges put the number of East Asian looking individuals from Mashad to about 33%.


The population density of Mashhad is 3200 persons per square kilometer. The population growth of the city has been good in the recent years. Immigration from other countries have also led to the growing number of people living here. People from Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries come here and settle here for their own respective reasons. It is expected that the population growth rate of the city will increase in the coming years and the population will grow rapidly in the near future.


  1. It is a city that suits the essence of everybody. At the season of its achievement, the King was did not intrigue anymore and decided not to compensate the writer for the demonstration he had charged. It was the Iranian city that was very far from the front.
  2. Alongside the close-by Mashhad al-Dikkah, the city represents the incredible Shia Muslim traditions that flourished in Aleppo before the ascend of the Sunni Orthodox lines under the Ayyubid moderator Nur al-Din.
  3. The city is Iran’s second biggest car creation center point. Its economy is construct for the most part in light of dry natural products, saffron, Iranian desserts, valuable stones like agates, turquoise, eighteen carat gold gems, aromas, coats and carpets. Among the real businesses in the city, there is nourishment ventures, dress, calfskin, chemicals, steel and metal ventures.
  4. Mashhad has been a focal point for the arts and sciences. The Ferdowsi University is named after the famous Iranian writer and it is situated here.
  5. The city has an amazing airport in the form of Mashhad International Airport, which handles International as well as domestic flights, generally to neighboring Arab nations. The airplane terminal is the nation’s second busiest after Tehran Mehrabad Airport and slightly ahead in comparison to Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport.

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